Alexandrite laser for

Alexandrite laser hair removal and all want to know about alexandrite laser ones. Alexandrite

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite lasers for hair removal are the most widely used lasers. Almost all laser centers are alexandrite laser. The most important features of this laser is possible that the application procedures easier. Fast lasers as they are daily number of transactions is more than can be done. Processing time is short.

Alexandrite laser during application because the application prefer a bristles when the application is lit from the immediate area clean is to make. By many people like this are glabrous status.

Alexandrite laser pain was relatively low. Many people because of pain at the alexandrite laser hair removal with the aim of preferred etmektedir. Lazer alexandrite laser can be applied only in light skin types. Alexandrite laser because of the melanin pigment in the name of the effect is over.

Alexandrite laser hair removal How do they do?

The color of the pigment that gives hair and skin to the melanin pigment that is called. This substance is found in hair and skin. This is the density of matter determines the color of hair and skin. The amount of melanin in dark hair is dense. Makes clear, white is no more or less the amount of melanin. Therefore, the effects of lasers and light colored hair color etmezler.Deride shall appoint the melanin substance. The skin is too dark melanin density. While the most intense concentration of melanin in the Negro race and slav less melanin in the north country.

Alexandrite lasers in the structure of the hair are absorbed by melanin. Every shot over a period of milliseconds, the hair follicle melanin and forwards it to hold power. This energy is converted to heat in the hair follicle. The stem cells lose their hair function. Thus, permanent hair removal is provided.

Skin color is darker than that of the melanin dye laser energy is kept tarafındanda skin. This situation may cause skin burns and stains. That is why we are dark ciltlede alexandrite laser can not be applied. Be applied only in clear skin.

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